Angel Reese Reveals Biggest Difference Between College Basketball and WNBA After 2 Games

When you stand at 6-foot-3 and can move like a gazelle at the college level, you’re usually going to have your fair share of success. Angel Reese definitely found that out, winning a national championship with the LSU Tigers in 2023 and being named a First-Team All-American in 2024.

But when you make the jump to the WNBA, and there are plenty other highly-talented athletes who are as big, if not bigger than you, things can change quickly.

That’s a lesson that Reese has had to learn during the start of her career with the Chicago Sky. She picked up her first career WNBA win on Saturday, beating the Dallas Wings 83-74. After the game, though, Reese admitted that getting used to the size difference of players at this level is something she is still dealing with.

“I know that this was one of the bigger teams in the league,” Reese said. “Knowing that you have to box out and rebound, you can’t just sit under the basket. In college, I just thought I could go up there and get the rebound and snag them, but I have to really box out and actually go up and get those rebounds. Because they are bigger players and stronger players than me.”

Reese had 11 points and 9 rebounds in the game, and was one of six Chicago players to score in double figures. In her two WNBA games, Reese is now averaging 11.5 points and 8.5 rebounds.

At the college level, Reese averaged 18 points and 12 rebounds across her four-year career, with an impressive 20.5 points and 14 rebounds per game in her two seasons at LSU. She has the talent to be a star in the WNBA, so it will be entertaining to see her get used to the physicality at this next level and settle into her game.

Chicago Sky Coach Addresses Angel Reese’s Free Throw Shooting Issues

Angel Reese has been in excellent form during her brief WNBA career.

She has proven that the physical, paint-centric playing style that she utilized at LSU will translate into success at the professional level.

Not to mention the heart and energy that she brings to the court having a positive effect on her teammates.

But there are two clear criticisms about Reese’s game at the moment: her fouling habit, and her free throw shooting.

Reese only make 2 out of her 8 free throws attempts during her WNBA regular season debut.

Yet, Reese’s performance at the free throw line improved during the Sky’s win over the Dallas Wings on Saturday.

In that game, she made 5 of 7 free throws.

Afterwards, Chicago Sky head coach Teresa Weatherspoon explained that the improvement was necessary.

“We work too much, too long on free throws to step up there and shoot the way that we did the first game,” she said.

“But it happens. Those things happen. So what do you do to bounce back from it? You work at it again, you go right back to the drawing board… and they did.”

Weatherspoon seems pleased about the work Reese did between games.

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