CONSTANTINE 2 (2024) With Keanu Reeves | New Upcoming Movies

CONSTANTINE 2 (2024) With Keanu Reeves | New Upcoming Movies

While it would have been interesting to see Reeves become part of the DCU as Constantine, it is better for both the new DC Universe and Constantine 2 that the movie is an Elseworlds project. This way, the DCU can get its own comic book-accurate version of John Constantine in the future, perhaps starting with a role in the upcoming Swamp Thing before a full-fledged Justice League Dark film. On the other hand, by not being part of the DCU, Constantine 2 has a lot more creative freedom.

Not taking place in the DCU also presents an exciting challenge for the movie, as Gunn raised the bar for Constantine 2. The DC Studios co-CEO has revealed that movies developed under the Elseworlds label will need to be really good to get made, with a quality bar higher than the one used to greenlight DCU projects. Based on that, Lawrence, Reeves, and Constantine 2 scribe Akiva Goldsman will have to come up with a unique tale for the movie to make it to screens, which raises excitement for the long-awaited sequel.

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