Greg Norman Shuts Down LIV Future Woes With a 6-Word Verdict But Ignores Worrying Merger Delay

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Is the delay in the PIF-PGA Tour merger a threat to LIV Golf’s future? It had been four months since the December deadline for the $3 billion merger finalization has passed. To date, there have been questions and a few vague answers, but without a definite date, that would hammer down the merger between PIF and the PGA Tour.

With the constant delays and the PGA Tour moving forward with SSG, it remains to be seen if the merger will ever prosper in the current scenario. This puts the Tour in a good position against LIV Golf until its investors shake hands. On the worrying delay, Greg Norman weighed in on how important the merger is for the breakaway circuit.

Greg Norman says he’s more focused on LIV Golf than the merger

The spearhead of LIV Golf, Greg Norman, gave an exclusive interview to Bloomberg’s Haslinda Amin. During the interview, the 69-year-old clarified LIV’s rating issue and addressed the significant topic of the PIF-PGA Tour merger. Amin asked Norman what he thought about the merger and how it would affect LIV’s future.

The three-time major winner vehemently answered and relayed what Yasir Al-Rumayyan had conveyed to him. He said, “I’m just gonna answer as the CEO of LIV. My boss told me LIV is not gonna go anywhere.” Relating LIV Golf’s future to His Excellency’s growing age, Norman clarified, “It’ll be well and truly in operation, running well past his death. Now he’s a young guy”—to be precise, only 54!

Additionally, the 69-year-old reiterated his previous statement on how the rebel league would always be a standalone entity regardless of the merger, and that should be the focus for him at the moment, as Al-Rumayyan suggested. He said, “He’s asked me just to stay focused and deliver LIV as a standalone entity.” 

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It is no secret that the PIF has backed the LIV’s existence with billions of dollars, with a report of $2 billion being invested in the last 2 years. But has there been any profit that the league has made? Norman said, yes, “We are starting to see the creation of an ROI within this. So we’re going to stay focused over here.” 

The 69-year-old is assured about LIV Golf’s existence, but not just him; his signed players like Bryson DeChambeau, Phil Mickelson, and Graeme McDowell are also hopeful for better days.

LIV golfers believe in the league’s prospering future

Bryson DeChambeau, Phil Mickelson, and Graeme McDowell were asked what they had in mind in regard to LIV Golf’s existence in the next 5 to 10 years. The Crushers GC’s captain was all in, with the league progressing better in every aspect and growing in audience. He confidently said, “It’s going to be here, bigger, badder, and better than ever before.” 

Moreover, the LIV Golf purist, Lefty, was hopeful that in the near future, LIV would inspire younger golfers and grow golf globally in countries that are still “starving for world-class professional golf.” Echoing his CEO’s statement, McDowell expressed that the merger’s result would have no effect on LIV Golf. He said, “I don’t think this product is going anywhere anytime soon, regardless of any mergers.”

So, as the players and the heads are confident about LIV Golf’s future, it remains to be seen if reality will pan out as expected.

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