‘I Feel Bad’: Jack Nicklaus Blames Tiger Woods’s Health to Reveal a ‘Disappointing’ Truth Behind a ‘Major’ Concern

Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golfers that modern golf has ever seen. His exceptional skill has managed to propel him past many greats in the game, including the likes of Jack Nicklaus. However, there’s just one aspect of the senior pro that he seems unable to surpass. Surprised? Quite natural. However, it was taken right out of the mouth of the Golden Bear himself.

In a chat with Golf Central, the ex-pro went ahead to talk about how the 48-year-old golfer can accomplish anything he sets his mind to. But here comes the twist. Nicklaus, while doing so, made sure to point out how he doesn’t see Mr.T breaking his major record!

Jack Nicklaus paints a concerning picture of Tiger Woods’s truth

The 73-time PGA Tour champ, on Wednesday, appeared in an episode on the news channel to express his joy at seeing the Hall of Famer make a comeback after the accident and subsequent surgeries. However, he was quick to indicate that Woods would probably not surpass his tally of 18 major victories, owing to his current health situation.

Elaborating on the same, Nicklaus mentioned, “If he remained healthy I think he would’ve gotten it, but he didn’t remain healthy,” while alluding to the health complications that came about as a result of the accident. “I feel bad for him,” said the senior professional as he made sure to also express his sadness and regret over the unfortunate situation suffered by the 15-time major champ.

Although his comments do come off as a surprise for the community, the Golden Bear wasn’t this certain of Woods not breaking the record a while back. The 1986 Masters Tournament winner had once conveyed how the 82-time PGA Tour champ could “probably” eclipse his number back when the latter won his last major in 2018 at the Augusta National. However, now he feels the feat would “probably stand for a while.”

Although the ex-professional did comment on the 48-year-old’s disappointing future concerning the majors, he did make sure to paint a different picture when it came to the golfer’s time ahead on the senior tour. Moreover, the 83-year-old was extremely optimistic about the same.

Nicklaus on Woods as a senior pro

In the chat with Golf Central, Nicklaus conveyed his thoughts of the 1997 Masters Tournament champ playing on the senior tour. Commenting on the same, he said, “I think Tiger will play the senior tour. He’d be able to get in a cart, and he’ll absolutely kill everybody.” So much belief in the American’s talent, he has.

Well, as to the question of whether he would actually play on the PGA Tour Champions, Woods himself had given the green light to the same. The athlete was once, asked by Steve Stricker if he would play on the circuit if the age rules were changed to 47 instead of 50. Although the golfer did say “No”, he went ahead to reply, “All the Champions Tour records start when you’re 50, why would I want different?”

Typical Woods, one might say! But even so, there are two more years left for the Hall of Famer to start his senior pro career. That’s two more seasons of majors for the golfer. There is ample chance to beat Nicklaus’s record if everything goes well for the Jupiter native. Well, fingers crossed!

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