Is TGL Under Crisis? Tiger Woods & Rory McIlroy’s Undeclared Tensions Causes Concerns

The recent developments involving Rory McIlroy, and the PGA Tour policy board have stirred considerable speculation within the community. When questioned about the situation, the Northern Irishman provided a vague response, stating, “There’s a subset of people on the board that were maybe uncomfortable with me coming back on for some reason.”

Despite engaging in discussion, the four-time major champion refrained from disclosing specific names. Nonetheless, this revelation provided ample material for community speculation. While some thought that Patrick Cantlay was “calling the shots” for the PGA Tour-PIF deal.

The recent revelation from the Telegraph has redirected attention away from Cantlay and towards Tiger Woods, the Vice Chairman of the for-profit entity. It indicates Woods might be among the “subset of people“ opposing McIlroy’s return to the Tour policy board. It might extend beyond the current PGA Tour-PIF deal, as Woods’ decision could influence his relationship with the Northern Irishman and potentially present further challenges for the TGL.

TGL, conceived by golf legend Tiger Woods alongside veteran Rory McIlroy, is scheduled for launch in January 2025. Prior to its debut, the concept of TGL has encountered setbacks within the community. Moreover, TGL’s trajectory has been marked by highs and lows, exemplified by the partial roof collapse of the SoFi Center, the designated venue for the event, during construction in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, back in November. Concurrently, Jon Rahm conveyed his withdrawal from simulated golf, expressing on X, formerly known as Twitter, “While I still see its potential, at this moment, it requires a level of dedication I cannot commit to.”

Woods and McIlroy each have their own teams for TGL and if their relationship were to deteriorate even before the launch, it could add another level of complexity to managing the simulated golf concept as a whole. According to reports from @NUCLRGOLF, not only Woods but also Jordan Spieth and Patrick Cantlay were among the PGA TOUR player directors who did not wish to welcome Rory McIlroy back to the policy board.

Why might Patrick Cantlay and Jordan Spieth oppose Rory McIlroy’s rejoining?

While the community has yet to uncover the reason behind Jordan Spieth’s vote against McIlroy, Cantley’s history with the 35-year-old likely holds many answers for his decision. Responding to questions regarding the policy board, McIlroy also expressed sentiments indicating, “It just got pretty complicated and messy.” He further noted, “The way it happened, I think it opened up some old wounds and scars from the things that have happened before.” As a result, speculation arose, linking it to the incident during the 2023 Ryder Cup when McIlroy, in a moment of agitation, referred to Cantlay as a “d*ck.”

It further led to confirmation when a tournament director said McIlroy realized he made a big mistake in stepping down. The director said, “Had he stayed on, he could’ve neutered Cantlay. He’s the only one with the power to neuter Cantlay. We need Rory to try to keep Cantlay from ruining the Tour.” 

Confirmed by the director’s intentions and reports, Cantley, Spieth, and Woods voted against Rory McIlroy. With this, his return to the policy board appears unlikely, particularly with Woods’ opposing vote. Could Woods’ decision further strain his relationship with McIlroy? And does McIlroy have any chance of rejoining the policy board? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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