Jack Nicklaus says Tiger Woods will never reach his record of 18 major titles after suffering so many injury setbacks: ‘If he remained healthy, I think he would’ve gotten it’

Jack Nicklaus believes Tiger Woods’ lengthy battle with injuries means it’s now unlikely he will ever reach the legend’s milestone of 18 major championships.

Woods set records as the youngest to win the Grand Slam at age 24, the only player to hold all four major titles at the same time and his 15-shot win at the U.S. Open is the largest margin for a major in golf history. 

In his illustrious career, Woods has won 15 majors, second only to Nicklaus, and his 82 career PGA Tour victories are tied with Sam Snead. 

But he has been slowed in recent years by five back surgeries, shattered ligaments in his rebuilt left knee, the horrific 2021 car crash and age. He turned 48 at the end of last year. 

Woods completed a remarkable comeback to the course by winning the Masters in 2019 but has been unable to add to that since being involved in the car crash that nearly cost him a leg in February 2021.

Jack Nicklaus believes Tiger Woods will never reach his milestone of 18 major championships

Nicklaus admits Woods would have got there had his career not been derailed by injury issues

In a lengthy interview about a number of various topics, Nicklaus admitted Woods is capable of ‘doing anything he wants to do’.

However he warned it’ll be tough to win another major, let alone surpass his record of 18. 

‘If he remained healthy I think he would’ve gotten it, but he didn’t remain healthy,’ the 83-year-old said on Golf Central. ‘I feel bad for him.’

Nicklaus said of his major record: ‘Oh, I think it will probably stand for a while.’

Woods has been optimistic that he can play once a month in 2024, which likely is to start at the Genesis Invitational in Los Angeles next month. 

Moving forward, Nicklaus predicts Woods will become a major player on the seniors tour.

He added: ‘I think Tiger will play the senior tour. He’d be able to get in a cart, and he’ll absolutely kill everybody.’ 

Woods has been optimistic that he can play once a month in 2024 after recently returning

This week, Woods cut ties with Nike after 27 years. They ended their $500million deal in a move that raised questions about the future of both in golf.

Woods in a social media post thanked Nike co-founder Phil Knight for his ‘passion and vision’ that brought them together when he turned pro.

‘Over 27 years ago, I was fortunate to start a partnership with one of the most iconic brands in the world,’ Woods wrote.

‘The days since have been filled with so many amazing moments and memories, if I started naming them, I could go on forever.’

Woods signed a five-year deal worth $40m when he turned pro before agreeing a renewed deal believed to be worth over $100m in 2001.

His eight-year deal in 2006 was reported to be $160m, and his latest deal was signed in 2013 for a reported $200m.

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