Ramsay Cole is a villain-turned-hero in Jurassic World Dominion, making him a prime candidate for a future Jurassic World antagonist. Ramsay starts out working for Biosyn, the evil genetics corporation that plans on using locusts to decimate the world’s food supply. Ramsay eventually has a change of heart, with him becoming a whistleblower. Ramsay’s testimony is key in the U.S. government’s investigation of Biosyn, with the company eventually getting shut down.

Although Ramsay ended up whistleblowing, he’s not ideologically opposed to genetically modifying dinosaurs considering he was employed at Biosyn. With Biosyn out of the way, it’s possible that Ramsay Cole could help start up the next step in dinosaur genetic research, making him a villain in Jurassic World 4. Even if Ramsay believes that his company is behaving ethically, it may be just as evil as Biosy


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