‘Sh*t Is Fire’: Despite Devastating Form, Tiger Woods Turns Head at U.S. Open Even Before Play Starts

In the 2024 season, Tiger Woods’s gameplay has been underwhelming, to say the least. He has played three events so far. From one, he withdrew after 18 holes, he finished 60th in the Masters, and then missed the cut at the PGA Championship. On top of this, Woods’s apparel brand Sun Day Red also had a terrible debut in the golf world.

Many in the golf world have touted the Sun Day Red product line to be simple and had disagreements with the logo. On the other hand, some fans also called the apparel brand too expensive when compared to the former Nike and TW clothing lines. However, putting a balm over the SDR woes, Woods will take a sigh of relief now as fans seem happy with something that the brand had put out.

Before the opening round at the U.S. Open commences Claire Rogers of Golf.com shared three t-shirts that the 48-year-old will be wearing for the first three days of the U.S. Open. The Thursday to Saturday look included one white and pink stripes and two navy blue shades of polos. Roger loved the pink design and called herself a “BIG fan” of it.

As the new looks were revealed, it seemed that the golf fans liked the designs after Sun Day Red failed to impress them with previous collections. Fans were eager to see Woods in the three polos and wanted to buy the product as well.

Fans love Tiger Woods’s new look for the U.S. Open

Tiger Woods wore his most popular pink shirt in 1994 when the 15-time major winner won the U.S. Amateur at TPC Sawgrass for the first time. To bring back the magic, the 48-year-old might want to start the U.S. Open with a similar spark. This fan loved the vibe and design of the polo and excitedly said, “I’ll cop the pink that sh*t is FIRE.”

It has been a trend that despite the criticism Sun Day Red acquires from the golf world; their collections sell out every time. Currently, the three polos are not available on the website and might become ready to purchase after Woods’s appearance. Thus, this user added it to their bucket list, saying, “Time to buy this. Gonna sell out as soon as he hits the course!” Another fan complimented the collection and wrote, “Holy cow these look amazing.” After the criticism that was heaped on Sun Day Red, the fans’s sudden interest might put Woods’s worries at bay.

But not everyone was focused on the polos. One golf enthusiast was after Woods’s poor performance in 2024. They predicted Woods’s score for the first two rounds and sarcastically said, “Pretty sure Saturday not needed 79-81,” indicating that he may miss the cut. Coincidentally, another fan’s comment could be taken as a fitting reply to those predicting Woods’s finish at the U.S. Open even before the game started. Shutting up the haters, this fan said, “Regardless of what happens, at least Tiger will be dripped out.”

The three polos have made the golf world take notice even before Tiger Woods made an appearance in them. What will happen once the veteran pro graces Pinehurst No. 2? Let us know your predictions in the comments below.

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