Tiger Woods’s Tragic 7-Word Reality Check Dampens PGA Championship Hopes Despite Resilient Show at Valhalla

Tiger Woods continues to exceed expectations! Especially on the course. When everyone thought his career was over after a near-fatal accident in 2021, he came back! Although he has been significantly absent from the greens, his determination has always shined through! When he returned to play at the Masters this year after a dreadful 2023 WD, people had doubts about him being able to play on all four days, but he did! He even seemed confident enough to return to the remaining three majors, and he did again!

On the first day of the competition at Valhalla, he carded 1 over! Not a very good score by Tiger- standards, but indeed a resilient one for someone who has been through so much physical pain! One could say this is far better than what everyone expected, especially after the Saturday havoc that went down at Augusta. Woods shot his career’s worst major round. The Masters weekend fell by the wayside and cast a shadow of doubt in the eyes of hopeful fans. Woods himself cannot be sure what the next day has to offer, as he openly admitted, using seven simple yet powerful words, “Each day is a little bit different.” The golfer continued, “Some days, it’s better than others. It’s just the way it is. My body is just that way. Some days, it feels great, and other days, a bit of a struggle.

While the 48-year-old claimed that he was getting stronger, the wrath of his fluctuating health status led him to confess in the post-round conference that “some days are better than others.” They truly are! After his 10-over round at ANGC on Saturday, he played his 100th round comparatively well and ended the competition feeling proud.

Against surging hopes of the event becoming the 16th stripe in Woods’s Sun Day Red logo, he knows that uncertainty is high. Considering how he has not played competitive golf that often in the last year to give himself a much-needed health recovery, the pro acknowledged how practicing on a flat Florida course is indeed different from the reality that goes down inside the ropes at professional events. However, he shared, “I am getting stronger for sure.”

Before the Valhalla showdown started, the golfer did give a health scare. He shared, “I’m always going to feel soreness and stiffness in my back, but that’s okay. I just need other body parts to start feeling better.” The 15-time major winner’s confession regarding his ongoing health status cast a shadow of doubt in the eyes of those who have been predicting a possible victory. The GOAT continues to put all his efforts into his performance and towards the fulfillment of his dreams for another major win. It has been five years since he won his last major, and for someone who is used to winning, it is a lot!

His resilient efforts were however overshadowed when he closed Round 1 with 4 bogeys and 3 birdies! He is exactly 10 strokes behind the current leader Xander Schauffele, who has put 9 under-par on the board. Maybe this is what led Woods to agree that it was only after “probably three holes to get back into competitive flow again and get a feel for hitting the ball out there in competition, adrenaline, temperatures, and green speeds.” But how is Woods still so positive despite being aware a win might not be on the cards for him?

Unlocking Tiger Woods’s slow and steady mindset to success

Golf is a game of patience, and who knows better than the GOAT, Tiger Woods? After all, throughout his career, the 15-time major champ has endured a fair share of jolting struggles, which led to unprecedented downfalls in his game. The endless list of his injuries, the personal tragedies he went through and the list goes on!  However, he continues to dream of a 16th major! If this is not resilience, we truly don’t know what is!

What is the secret behind this? Well, he views the game as a marathon. Woods said, “You have to just grind it out. It’s a marathon. Major championships are a long grind. It’s just plotting along. It’s not a sprint. It’s just a grind.” 

It remains to be seen whether Woods’s months of grind will come to fruition at Valhalla or whether his struggles will prolong more. Stay tuned to EssentiallySports as the excitement unfolds at Valhalla to get all the latest updates!

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