While Tiger Woods ‘Works His ‘A**’ Off’, Max Homa Drops Unexpected Prediction About TGL Ally

Tiger Woods continues to stun all of us to this day. Despite being winless for almost half a decade now, his determination to add another major win to his fifteen titles is truly awe-striking. Woods’s Jupiter Links GC teammate, Max Homa remains one of the few golf world personalities who albeit doubtful, still would not put another win past him.

During the 2024 Masters, Homa was paired up for the first two rounds with the 48-year-old. Needless to say, Homa had a fan moment. He was truly in awe. “It really is a dream to get to play with him here. I always wanted to just watch him hit iron shots around here, and I was right up next to him,” said the 33-year-old post Masters. Recently, at the post-tournament presser of the PGA Championship, Homa was questioned on how much he thinks Woods has left in the tank, and his response was straight up what a true fan and a concerned fellow golfer would say!

The 6-time PGA Tour winner openly talked about how “it always would be crazy to think he would win another one.” Woods’s hard work and skills along with incredible performance in the first two rounds at ANGC helped him not completely negate the possibility of another victory. Safe to say, Homa remains hopeful: “I very much thought he could win another golf tournament. So I don’t know tank-wise, but he works his a** off and he’s really, really good at golf so I would put nothing past him at this point.”

Golf is a challenging sport, both mentally and physically. The golfers are under a lot of pressure, and for someone like Woods who stunned everyone with his game, the pressure to come back is extra. But truly, it comes down to the golfer, and Woods has not shied away from expressing how he wants more. He still wishes to add another stripe to his Sun Day Red logo which would demonstrate his 16th incredible win. Basically, Woods is not done.

Expressing a similar emotion, Homa said, “I think at some point it probably just comes down to him, just how badly does he want it. I feel like we all know he wants it real bad, so I feel like it is just kind of on that. But his skill level, his talent is still just mesmerizing. So, yeah, I don’t know his playing schedule going forward, you know I know he plays in these big ones.” Woods aims to play at Pinehurst and Troon too after his completion at Valhalla.

In his thirst for a sixteenth stripe on his new SDR logo, a persistent Woods seems ready to do all that it takes. His earlier appearance at Augusta National GC saw him taking extreme steps like sorting to celibacy and hours of workout at the gym. Homa’s evaluation of the possibility of a desperate Woods turning his dreams into reality adds up. But what does Woods opine about Homa’s assessment, and how does he believe he can deal with his ongoing performances?

Tiger Woods presents a candid evaluation of his near future in golf

Even though Tiger Woods’s performance at the 2024 Masters gave him the accolade of making 24 consecutive cuts, a win-hungry GOAT was not fully satisfied. While he certainly did well in the initial two days,  he realizes the path to a 16th major win would require more. “I just need to do it for all four days, not like I did at Augusta for only two,” said Woods.

He believes he still “can win golf tournaments,” his problem lies in the increasing difficulties that come with the wrath of age and recurrent health issues cast on him. During the PGA Championship presser, Woods added, “It’s getting around is more of the difficulty that I face day-to-day and the recovery of pushing myself either in practice or in competition days. You saw it at Augusta. I was there after two days and didn’t do very well on the weekend.”

It remains to be seen whether Woods will be able to beat his unexpectedly increased level of performance at the Masters at Valhalla, or not.

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